LED Lighting

We have an extensive range of LED lights ranging from party light candles, led vine lights, paper lantern lights, led submersible lights, super bright led lights, tea light candles, led curtain background lights, led base lights in a variety of sizes to light up your centrepieces.

Our range of LED lights are also available in a variety of colours to suit your event.

Our innovative range of remote controlled LED lights are the latest trend to assist you in setting up your events early and saving you time.


10x LED Submersible Lights with Multi Function Remote
45% OFF RRP $35.95
100x LED Submersible Lights 2.8" With Remotes
40% OFF RRP $999.00
12x LED Submersible Lights 2.8" With Remotes
36% OFF RRP $149.00
BLYSS® Metal Letters LED "LOVE" Light
43% OFF RRP $69.95