Cake Stands


Display your wedding cake with this agleam wedding cake stands.  It is handmade and is almost 4 inch tall. The upper surface is 18 inch in diameter with a base of over 22 inch width. It boasts astragal along the edge and a complex pattern on the feet for a tender touch of gracefulness.

Most of the couples look for these cake stands according to their choice and they choose it according to the type of cake they generally consume. Silver is a brilliant option for displaying a lovely wedding cake but is also perfect for less conventional choices like chocolate or vibrant colored cakes.

Most of the families look for these cake stands which were utilized at the wedding of their parents and keep on utilizing it over and over again as the kids also utilize the same stand for celebrating anniversaries and birthdays. These stands may continue serving people for generations.

The silver stands for wedding cakes are available in square or round shape and are available in different sizes as these are ideal for small or large weddings. You may also get these stands in heart shaped designs. It can certainly make your cake much more visually impressive. Or if you are looking for complex designs, you will also get that. Some of these stands are available in a beaded outlook and are ideal for utilization on other events also.

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