Acrylic Decorations

Quality acrylic decorations for table centrepieces


Scatter the diamonds on your wedding tables. Our crystal clear acrylic diamond scatters are a beautiful addition to the table tops, decorations, centerpieces and also flavors. Every acrylic gem is cut by diamonds. The jewels are available in clear, strong plastic which includes these scatters for diamonds. These sparkling embellishments are cut to match a bedazzled diamond and are ideal for anniversary parties, birthdays, or anniversary parties.

1000pcs Acrylic Diamond Scatters Clear 10mm
33% OFF RRP $14.95
12x Charger Plates Silver 13"-33cm
60% OFF RRP $59.95
15M/16 Yards White Pearls With Silk Flowers
67% OFF RRP $29.95
500g Acrylic Diamond Scatters Clear 30mm
35% OFF RRP $16.95
9M/10 Yards White Faux Pearls Roll For Wedding Event Decorations
67% OFF RRP $29.95
Acrylic Fiber Shreds 10g

Acrylic Fiber Shreds 10g


34% OFF RRP $4.50
Bulk 12x Acrylic Fiber Shreds 10g
50% OFF RRP $39.95