Water Beads

Quality polymer water beads in a variety of colours


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Water beads are tiny pellets of polymer finish and are seldom addressed to as crystal soil or polymer crystals. These beads absorb water to enhance in size more than 3 times giving it a gel like feeling that is cool and damp to touch.  

The beads we offer are available in various bright colors which can be utilized for both silk and live floral arrangements for parties, special events, receptions, weddings and also home interior designing and decoration. You may match and fuse the colors to develop a particular color for your home decoration or event. Mixed or layered colors are used for sensational impacts. While layering humidify colors one by one.  These beads are also addressed as aqua gems, water gels, rainbow pearls, water crystals, water marbles, water pearls, crystal soil etc.

Home designers, florist, even planners just love to utilize water beads not merely due to the various colors but they are a flexible and lighter option to utilizing stones, rocks, and glass marbles and they ensure simpler transportation. They are incredible for any office decoration, anniversaries, weddings, baby/bridal showers, festive event or party etc. These beads are amazing gifts along with arrangements that can be manufactured from them. It is something dissimilar, fun and simple! These beads offered by Trident Direct are the most unparalleled contemporary products. These are graceful yet practical. The better the elegance of floral arrangements while maintaining flowers and watered plants. It can be an incredible for office or home and ideal for weddings!

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